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how would you define rest in panic, awe 365

How Would You Define Rest?

Day 301
Verse of the day

And suddenly a great tempest arose on the sea, so that the boat was covered with the waves. But He was asleep.

Matthew 8:24

Picture a group of people in a boat being near submerged by the waves of the sea, the members of this group doing their best to ensure they stay afloat while their leader sleeps oblivious to the perilous situation. How would you describe such a leader? Unqualified? One who doesn’t lead by example, who leaves his team to do the work while he takes all the glory?

But Jesus did this. He slept while His disciples toiled to ensure they stayed afloat. Is He unqualified, selfish or still the greatest Being to have graced the world?

So what was Jesus, the greatest Being the world has ever known, trying to communicate? Rest.

Many times, we panic and act under the pressure that society and living serve us. We don’t want to be caught napping. So we just act, do something, anything. This is what the disciples with yet unrenewed minds did, but not Jesus.

Jesus never acted in panic. He lived knowing that, as the beloved of the Father, no storm could drown Him. This, beloved, is rest.

Dad’s call for us to rest isn’t a call to be nonchalant or passive about life. His is a call to always be with Him, to see as He sees and do what we see Him do, to bring Him into every moment of our lives and all we do, even our sleep. Yes, we can be with Him while we sleep. Jesus was with Him while He slept. It’s why He never panicked and why He didn’t need a minute after waking to adjust to the divine consciousness it took to calm the sea.

The key to finding this rest lies in engaging Daddy on the seemingly mundane aspects of your life.

Not sure what shirt or dress to wear to an event? Ask Him.

Not sure how to spend a holiday? Ask Him.

Ask Him to teach you how to utilize your resources and to show you how to live.

You’d be amazed by the result of this.

So tell me below, beloved, how would you define rest?

References: Proverbs 3:5,6

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Today’s Confession

Daddy, You are amazing. Today, I introduce You to everything I do. Come and fill every room in my life. And even when it seems challenging I trust that You’ll hold and lead me by the hand on this journey to utmost childlikeness.

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2 thoughts on “How Would You Define Rest?

  1. A few months ago I was going through some really hard time. I was crying almost all day, everyday, almost drowning in the river of my tears. Then one day someone said, ” Nancy, just give it to God …” and then she started me on rest. ” …and you need to uunderstand that Rest is a Place you have to enter into…”. After that call I thought about this Rest. “How do I even get there in this state I’m in?”, I asked myself. I was exhausted from striving , emotionally and spiritually bruised. And then I heard His voice. “I Am here. You don’t have to strive. Rest now, My child”. So to answer your question, the Lord God is my definition of rest.

    1. This is a most amazing comment, Nancy. You succeed in reminding me of the hymn, “take your burden to the Lord and leave it there.” This, indeed, is rest: a place where we can lay our burdens and just be. I am so glad He evnetually brought you to rest in Himself.

      Thanks so much for sharing, Nancy.

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