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God Has Infinite Ports

Day 182
Verse of the day

Therefore if there is any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and mercy…

Philippians 2:1

Situations arise that cause us to see the multiple faces of God and experience His multiple graces. Sometimes we are made to see Him as Father, other times as Saviour, the comforting Holy Spirit, or as Lord.

While those who worshipped God before the advent of the new creation in Christ were shut out from several of these graces of God, we have been granted access to the infinite ports that exist in Him. When we take a careful look at Him, we find that, in addition to being our Father, He is our Lover, King, most exalted Being; He is the Sun in our mornings, Peace in our nights, most colourful Being, Wine by which we are drunk, most expressive Writer, Programmer who makes no errors…

We, believers, must, therefore, exercise ourselves to experience these multiple faces of God for when we fail to do this, we shield ourselves from certain aspects of His Grace. This explains why one who sees God as Love but not as the just One may have a flawed understanding of His Love.

But when we exercise ourselves to see God in every way He represents Himself, we find that there is enough room at the table. No one is denied a chance at understanding Him; not one life-defining question goes without an answer. The fish seller stands as much of a chance at understanding Him as the lawyer.

Our God is the multifaceted One. When we open ourselves to this in the simplicity of childlikeness, we are enabled to bring Christ to the thirsty as well as to the full, to the rich as well as the poor, to the one in distress and in need of comfort as well as the one who lives in much satisfaction. God becomes for everyone.

Accepting this truth also frees us to be many things to many people. We become the healing that they desire, the long-awaited rain, their light, the sons for whose manifestation all of creation waits.

Do not look far. All of these are found in the face of Jesus. In Jesus, you find the expression of all that’s in God. And as you behold Him, you become like Him.

God has infinite ports, plug in where you belong.

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Situations arise that cause us to experience the multiple graces of God. Sometimes we are made to see Him as Father, other times as Saviour, other times as the comforting Holy Spirit, and yet other times as Lord.Click To Tweet

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