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Intentional Communication

Day 265
Verse of the day

My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord; In the morning I will direct it to You, And I will look up.

Psalm 5:3

Our relationship with The Father ought not to be a passive one but one where we intentionally engage in actions that draw us closer to Him. Communication is one of such actions. Being intentional means being mindful of a process or an expected outcome. Being intentional about communication would then mean mindfully pouring out our heart to Father, and actively expecting a response from Him.

The verse in consideration exemplifies how a man can be intentional in communicating with the Father. He proclaims that his voice will be heard by the Father in the morning and not only stops there. He also declares that he would look up, meaning he would wait on the Father to see how the Father would respond. In doing these things, he is mindfully paying attention as though The Father were present in flesh with Him.

A relationship is fostered with constant communication. Communication may be in words, in quiet company or in activity. Our relationship with God is not any different, it thrives on continuous communion with His Spirit. However, not mindfully engaging the Father could hinder this flow of communion with Him.

Therefore, practice engaging the Father daily, as you would a friend that stands physically with you for the Father is even closer to you than any friend could ever be. When talking to the Father, though you do not see Him, expect Him to respond and when He does, acknowledge Him. The Father, as any other good Father would, desires to share his heart with us and also listen to the thoughts we share with Him.

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Today’s Confession

Dear Father, I want to draw closer to you and to know Your heart. I love you and wish to grow in my walk with you. Please help me as I continue to actively engage You through prayers, and as I wait on You to hear what You will say to my heart.

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