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A Jealous God

Day 257
Verse of the day

I am the LORD, that is my name; and My glory I will not give to another, nor My praise to carved images.

Isaiah 42:8

Jealousy sounds like such a bad word or at least something you would not want to attribute to a Holy God. But several times, we see God calling Himself a “Jealous God”. In fact, at a point, He said of Himself, “whose name is Jealous”. What does this mean?

The difference between God’s jealousy and that of man is . Human jealousy is tainted by self and a prideful desire to own what another possesses or a raging anger at what is perceived to belong to s/he. But God stands in a class of His own, He is Sovereign over all He created and can express strong zeal over the work of His hands.  When He is jealous, He demands what is rightfully and uniquely His.

God’s lordship over all He made and particularly over His people, is not to be trifled with. We have been bought at a price and God owns us on all levels. He will not allow another to take His place for He is a jealous lover. When we declare Him as Lord over our lives, we are submitting to His right to order our lives as He pleases.

An understanding of God’s jealousy and sovereignty over our lives will help us submit to His dealings in us. Sometimes, He will take things away from us that place a shadow over His brilliant glory, even as He works in us and gives us things that glorify Him. Even our good works are for His glory, As Matthew 5:16 puts it, people should see our good works AND glorify our Father in heaven, not us, they should not glorify us. For we ourselves should be a shadow to God’s glory.

He will not have us love another nor will He share space with an idol in our hearts. This is why we must regularly allow the Holy Spirit, through the ministry of the Word, to reveal every idol we may be harboring in our lives.

As we continually walk with Him and submit to His Lordship, He will begin to lay this same zeal for His name in our hearts. Like Jesus, the zeal of His house will consume us and in the spirit of love, we will rejoice only over what is true.

References: Exodus 34:14

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Today’s Prayer

Father, I accept and declare that You are Lord over me. Glorify Yourself and burn away every idol that steals Your praise in my life.

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