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Jesus Gives Fresh Starts

Day 344
Verse of the day     

Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, and whose sins are covered.

Romans 4:7

Jesus gives us fresh starts, opportunities to let go of failures and disappointments experienced in our previous seasons and move on in His plans for us. This brings along with it a kind of newness to start all over. He wakes us up with new assignments and responsibilities that He has prepared ahead for us.

These seasons we experience in Him are all submerged in one major season, one which came with forgiveness of all past sins. Spiritually, He offered us clean slates, a fresh start of a new life in Him. He, the Judge of the whole world forgave our lawless deeds, covered up and completely buried our sins. He buried them, made them forgotten, never more to be remembered. They are no more counted against us because God does not count or remember our sins anymore, He only sees us as righteous.

Therefore, give no attention to the voice that seeks to remind you of the wrong you have done, or of what you used to be. It’s all a strategy to rob you of the joy and strength you have found in Jesus.

A new creature, you have been made right with God. You are His righteousness in Christ. Do not let your past be mixed with your present or glorious future in Him. He already carries out His precious plans for you even now; plans to prosper you with no added-on sorrow.

Reference: Jeremiah 29:11

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Today’s Confession

Thank you, Daddy, because my sins are forgiven and forgotten. Henceforth, I live with the consciousness that I am a new creature in Christ with a promised hope and future.

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