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Jesus’ Patience Broke Down My Defenses – Lawal

My name is Lawal and here is my salvation story – a story of how I met Jesus in a most peculiar fashion.

I also go by the name Kehinde, which by the Yoruba culture means I am the younger of a set of twins, my twin being Taye.

It’s said to be natural for twins to develop an intimate bond. Things weren’t any different between Taye, my brother and I. We loved each other as much as most twins do themselves, yet the bond we shared couldn’t keep us from constantly fighting each other. I have an unyielding scar on my right hand, which I got after Taye had attacked me with a knife during one of our many fights.

Twin Meets Jesus

Being raised in a Muslim family, nothing God-related was more true to us than the faith we practiced; until Taye met Jesus.

I remember the day he told me about how he’d met Jesus. Mo ti gba Jesu saye mi he had said – translated I have just received Jesus into my life. That was the most unsettling statement I’d ever heard Taye utter. But it was nowhere near as unsettling as his reaction when I hit him hard in the face having heard those words.

Taye made no move to retaliate. He simply acted like nothing had happened, like I never even touched him with a finger. That was not the Taye I knew, the one I often fought. And at that moment, I realized that something in my twin had changed; but knowing this wasn’t enough for me to seek a similar change.

Time passed and I kept noticing more changes in Taye’s approach to life.

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Death Brought me Life

I fell ill a lot while in secondary school, especially during the third terms in every school session. These illnesses often got so bad my parents feared I would die.

So, I took ill again, and this time, it seemed conclusive that I would die.

At the hospital, the doctors seemed not to have a ready remedy for my ailment. So I was left on the hospital bed, while everyone hoped for a miracle to occur.

While lying there as close to dead as I could possibly be, unable to move, talk or carry out even the smallest of physical activities, I saw a man walk into the room. Mind you, my eyes were shut, and I couldn’t see a thing, yet I saw him walk in. He stood before me spotting a regular human body, and clothes — nothing celestial. Then pointing to the sky, he said to me “look up.” And somehow, I found I could raise my gaze to the sky, just as he’d instructed – my eyes still shut to the world all this while.

On looking up, I did not see a cloudy or cloudless sky. I rather found a huge rock in place of the sky. And once I saw the rock cum sky, the man who stood before me, whom I presume was an angel in human form, still pointing at the rock, said to me, “this rock will kill you if you don’t call the name ‘Jesus’.”

Call Jesus?! “No, I can’t,” I firmly responded. How could I, considering who I was, call Jesus?

Jesus Patience Broke down my Defenses
Jesus' patience broke down my defenses.Click to Tweet

He didn’t panic, he didn’t get angry. He just stood there waiting, gently repeating the same words: “this rock will kill you if you don’t call Jesus.”

Again I refused. And as I rejected each request to call ‘Jesus’, I saw the sky gradually fall towards me. It did not fall at the speed at which a rock would fall under the influence of gravity; it fell slowly. Yet, this man was patient for as long as it took to fall – such display of patience still baffles me today.

I couldn’t imagine myself calling the name Jesus as a way out of trouble, considering my faith. So I kept rejecting his request until the rock came so low as to touch my head, then impulsively I shouted “Jesus!” and doing so immediately took up the rock.

After I shouted Jesus, I immediately became conscious of all that was happening around me. I heard the doctor say to my family: “if tears fall from his eyes after we inject him with this, then we have hope that he’ll live.” I knew I would live even before he said that because of what I had just seen happen in the non-corporeal realm.

Getting to Meet Jesus

Soon after my experience with the man and the falling rock, Jesus came to me Himself. He came to me wearing sparkling white clothes and carried me to a mansion above. I was about 17 or 18 years old at the time, but when He carried me, I felt like a baby in His arms.

When we entered the mansion, I found it was a beautiful place, but empty. It contained no furniture, nothing. Jesus played with me for a little while in this place, then He said: “I am coming soon,” after which He took me out.

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These experiences stayed with me even after I recovered and went home.

Taye had this person who came visiting and taught Him more about this Jesus, considering He was also growing in Him. When I found Taye with this person, I asked “who exactly is this Jesus? Tell me about Him.” It was thought that I asked this question out of mere curiosity. I alone knew what I had seen. Listening to this man helped me understand whom this Jesus, I had met, was. And just as Taye once had, I also accepted Jesus into my life.

Due to the peculiarity of my family, I didn’t stop attending prayers at the mosque after these things, although I knew I would cease doing so. On my last day at the mosque, the day I knew I couldn’t stay anymore, I prayed thus: “God, if you really want me to follow this Jesus, then I do not want any trouble from my family as I switch to Christianity.”

It was a simple prayer and it happened just as I had requested. I started to attend church, I still do till now and no one from my family troubled me.

My prayer to God on my last day at the mosque set a template for how I began to pray. I don’t shout unnecessarily, or repeat prayers like I find lots of people do in places of worship; rather I speak with Him – anytime – as one speaks to a Father, a Friend, and He responds in kind.

When He calls me I know. He even calls me by my name Kehinde, not Lawal, and when He does call me, it’s unmistakable. Sometimes people see me smile without cause, they have no idea the conversations I have with my Love, who saved me from death: physical and spiritual.

People, even those, I meet in church, have no idea why I follow Jesus. Sometimes, I am told I do too much. Gratefully, I alone know my motivation. I (will) always remember that the day I met Jesus, I met Him alone. Nobody took me to Him, I met Him on my own.

I have seen that mansion He took me to more than once. I live each day striving, hoping that it isn’t still empty the day Jesus returns -as He promised He would.

Jesus’ merciful patience prevailed over me. Such mercy makes it difficult to turn back on Him. Now, no one can tell me that Jesus isn’t real. No one can.

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Jesus' merciful patience prevailed over me. Such mercy makes it difficult to turn back on Him. Now, no one can tell me that Jesus isn’t real. No one can.Click to Tweet
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