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I Was Bloodthirsty And Power Hungry, But A Higher Power Saved Me – Babatunde

I had a special lust for money and power which drove my imaginations wild. I nursed this plan to capture 21 girls and use them for blood sacrifices just so I could get instantly rich. I also hoped to get to sleep in a graveyard for 7 nights and be dreaded on my return. I just wanted to be extremely powerful and feared.

My story is a very long one. It contains details of some of the worst childhood ambitions I nursed. I wanted to be two things when I got into the university; a cultist and a Church worker, simultaneously.

I wanted to experience as much of life as I could but I had a working consciousness that seemed to restrict me. Despite this, I still did a lot.

As a teen, I had an attitude, perhaps carriage, that attracted a certain class of people. Soon, I made friends who I accompanied to joints. I drank every day.

I started to fly the black beret. I wore black and yellow bands, used black studs, and patterned my life as a cultist. My hope was to practice cultism differently, you know, the right way; not oppressing or hurting anyone unless they deserved it. I was going to deal with anyone who acted wrongly. With this belief in mind, I just couldn’t wait to get in.

Having experienced a bit of influence in secondary school, I wanted more. My desire for this drove me to seek strange powers. I read The Seven Books of Moses, visited witch doctors and ate concoctions that we call ‘Aseje’ in Yoruba. I made incisions on my hands, head and knees, to prevent me from getting injured in fights and to even make my skin impenetrable by metals. I forged partnerships with people who would facilitate my growth in this regard. I went to the point of using these powers on my mother so I could control her and make her do anything I wanted. You can imagine how frustrated I was when it didn’t work the first time I tried. I’d asked her to give me a certain amount of money and her reaction was the direct opposite of what I had expected. This was me, while still in Secondary School.

I later took on a more specific ambition. I didn’t just want to become any cultist; I wanted to become a member of the Black Axe confraternity. At some point, I met some Buccaneers who rather than kick against the love I had for their rivals, were impressed that I had such a mind while still in secondary school. They gave me a phone number with which to get in touch with them when I was ready. I laughed because my sight was set. I wondered how I’d choose them and eventually live in fear when I could just join the supreme Black Axe.

While I did all this, I believed I was living on borrowed time and that God would find me as soon as He was ready.

Then I got into the University of Lagos. I almost spent my first night in the university in the girl’s hostel. I had spent the evening drinking and getting drunk, ‘celebrating’ my freedom.

I had a special lust for money and power which drove my imaginations wild. I nursed this plan to capture 21 girls and use them for blood sacrifices just so I could get instantly rich. I also hoped to get to sleep in a graveyard for 7 nights and be dreaded on my return. I just wanted to be extremely powerful and feared.

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Finally, I became a cultist in 200 level. I went by myself. Before then, I was so joyful whenever I heard that cultists had caused chaos in school. You could see the joy on my face when these things happened. I just wanted continuous chaos. I enjoyed those things. Then I went by myself to be initiated. Although I wasn’t known to be well-behaved at home, my family members were not aware of this more degraded side to me.

I can’t forget the initiation day – November 13, 2011. We spent seven hours in the jungle. That was the day I became a member of the Black Axe society. It was a terrible experience, after which I became a demon. I took on this insatiable thirst for bloodshed. I detested peace. A bloodthirsty demon invaded me that day. I wanted chaos but the setup of my school placed a bit of a hold on our activities.

I invested money and time to learn as much as I could about the Black Axe Society. My goal was to become the Axe head. That was my goal, my intent. I did all in my power to achieve that. I invited men who had gone years ahead of me and spoiled them with drinks just to have them teach me the ways of the Black Axe. I moved around with a lot of them, getting oriented and learning how to spot a rival cult member and the likes.

The pleasures of sin.

These things were pleasurable. Like the scriptures affirm, sin comes with pleasures. I derived pleasure in those things – the networking, the money, the power. I derived pleasure in those things.

There were security officers in school who supported us Black Axe members and those who merely dreaded us because they believed we were one of the few confraternities who had little inhibitions to taking lives. We were that dreaded. There was the saying that “one Black Axe member equals 7 members of other confraternities.” There was a fierceness, a fire, a ravishing nature about our actions.

Soon, I got to smoking weed which I never did before then in all my ratchetness. We had something I’d call a brotherhood, only a senile version of it. It’s like the devil replicates the oneness of people in Christ into his own world. We interpreted it as love but it’s nothing like genuine love. This love was shrouded in self, not the selflessness of genuine love. At some point, you come to realize that even the members of your fraternity would hardly if ever choose to give their lives for you. If you’re in trouble, you face it by yourself. At best, you’re assisted if your bail terms are set.

I was less on the war part of what we did. But I took part in every dark empowerment activity. We took sacred baths. On an occasion, I was made to eat a whole chicken by myself. I mean whole, with the bones, no part was left uneaten. I left nothing. And after I had, the witch doctor told me that I had just eaten iyonu agba which would grant me influence wherever I went.

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One of the basic rules of survival in our fraternity was for you to ensure that whatever dark powers (science as we called it) you got into was authentic and strong, because getting into the frat is like signing a death warrant – you become exposed and death can come at any time.

We had negative influence and we utilized it in school.

Remember, I had hoped to do cultism right, so I had a bit of a leash on me. I seldom oppressed ordinary people or Jews as we called them, and I wasn’t so pleased when some of my mates did. I believed you had to have done wrong for me to bring retribution. So, whenever a member of the fraternity wrongfully oppressed others, I confronted them. “Why just approach a Jew and obtain what’s rightfully his when he’s done nothing wrong?”, I often asked.

We enjoyed our moments together. Our gyration moments were epic. Sometimes I sit and remember these things; these wicked joys we had and I just laugh, grateful that God had brought me out of such a place.

The Things God Saves us from

I look back and realize that I had been experiencing a form of preservation from God.

There was a time I entered the room of a Buccaneer, a rival cult member. Having no idea that he was a member of a rival frat, I had plans to begin using the gym and had gone to make some consultations with him. He also had no idea that I was a member of the Black Axe Society. I later found they had a gun in the room. That was as good as being in a graveyard.

I only found out who he was much later. I was spending some time with members of my frat when they saw this same fellow walk by. One pointed at him and told me that he was a member of a rival gang. You can imagine the sickening feeling in my stomach when I heard that.

I had the desire to go for hits and always made this known to my other fellows. But, “Tunde, don’t come yet. We’ll take you when it’s time,” was the only response I ever got from them whenever I mentioned this. Fortunately, Jesus met me before that “time” came.

The Risk of this Life. The devil also cries.

Life is fleeting. It becomes more so when you live as recklessly as we did. I felt true pain the day seven of our members were killed by the police. They had confessed to being cult members and not armed robbers as the police had suspected but they were still killed.

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There were very strange experiences. Very strange ones. How do you react to watching your friend dying in a pool of blood he vomited? Then you remember that a few months before, he had suddenly become rich?

I watched two biological brothers fight and almost kill themselves because they were members of rival gangs. These things happened a lot.

At a time, I became so popular in school, it scared me. All you needed to do was ask for T-Blingz and you’d be shown where I stayed. I couldn’t walk loosely at night because of rival gangs waiting to take advantage.

I was involved in minor confrontations which didn’t go too far. I see myself as having been saved by God in those moments. I only held a front. I knew I never had the heart to fight till death like some of my gang members who having carried out multiple hits now seemed to roam about without a heart. Some would take the life of a target and then drink their blood. Others would go beyond that and cut out body parts to be used for rituals. The more time I spent with these people, the less I wanted to be like them. I hated the type of lives they lived. I remember the day they killed Eleyele, the Ostrich of the Eye (read as e-ye) community. That was the first day I witnessed murder. A gun to the head, trigger pulled and that was it. That night, I slept in extreme fear. We slept with bottles and 10 mm iron rods, our chairs arranged in such a way that everyone could awake with bottles in hand at the first sound of movement. This was the life we lived.

I hated the lives of these men. They did things outside the constitution of the frat which I was unwilling to adhere to. This made me ask questions. I gradually became dissatisfied.

I pimped ladies out. A lot of things happen in these places we call schools. The P.A to the registrar once came to seek girls and I provided the girls. They got paid and I got my percentage. These were already existing structures. All we basically did was keep them running.

This brought chaos. A friend of mine cried tears like a baby the day he knew I was a member of a rival gang. He cried because he knew he couldn’t see me the same anymore – I had become his enemy. He cried and asked why I had done that. He didn’t see me as someone who could be involved in such.

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I remember the frustration I once felt. I was angry and fed up. I drank a crate of beer and when I got home, I beat up my mother and my sister and flung my laptop aside. I cried bitterly when I came to realize what I had done. I was fed up and angry at the brutality of it all. I contemplated suicide.

I had scammed people. I told them I could help them pass their exams. I made them pay and advised them to study still. If it so happened that they had a B, I came up with a story, that they were given a lesser score but my involvement made it better.

God had a different plan.

In all of this, I still hoped to somehow become a worker in a Christian fellowship. I seemed to have this perfectly thought out plan – join a fellowship where people evidently feared God, find a way to become a member of their working team, marry a prayer warrior of a girl who would pray for me till I got saved. That’s how I pictured it, a fairy tale.

However, like Paul the Apostle said in Galatians 1:15 – 16, when it was time for Heaven to save me, I couldn’t resist it.

This is the first part of Babatunde’s Salvation Story, which we have broken in two. The second will be published next week Monday.

– Babatunde

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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