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The Saviour Was Born

Day 327
Verse of the day

And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.

Matthew 1:21

For thousands of years, God had been speaking of the promise of a Messiah, it was an open secret made known to every Israelite. Through prophets, He made this plan known and when the children of Israel fell under the bondage of Roman colonialization, they simply comforted themselves with the promise God had made to them about this Saviour.

Years flew by until finally God sent His angel to deliver the good news of a coming Messiah. He was revealed to a young virgin, who like her kin must have been waiting for this same promise. Imagine her shock when she found that she would be bearing that promised One.

The Angel’s message was very clear – this child will save His people from their sins. It must have sounded anti-climatic to faithless ears. How about the Roman government? What will he do about that? They may have asked. When we understand this context and how the hope of the people was so rooted in a reprieve from their present sufferings, we will better understand why they disbelieved Jesus and hated him so much.

He was, to them, a let-down, a disappointment and a fraud. Instead of strong horses, He rode on colts. Instead of wars, He brought peace. Instead of vengeance, He preached mercy. And when they wanted the kingdom of Israel restored, He spoke of the Kingdom of God.

But God’s way is not ours. What we perceive to be our pressing need, is often not in God’s top priority. For all of us, our greatest need will always be eternal.

The real bondage is not physical but one to sin that we can never deliver ourselves from. Bondage to sin is what every human, regardless of race, color, size, gender, status, political affiliation or religion, is subject to and needs deliverance from.

Praise be to God who sent His Son to deliver us from slavery – one which we knew nothing of. And even more praise to Him who keeps saving us.

God's thoughts are sometimes not ours. What we perceive to be our pressing need, is often not His priority. In His eyes, our greatest need will always be eternal.Click to Tweet
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Today’s Prayer 

Thank You, Father, for the wonderful news of salvation. Help me daily to walk in the reality of what Christ has done.

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