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Light In The Dark

Day 235
Verse of the day

For so the Lord has commanded us: ‘I have set you as a light to the Gentiles, that you should be for salvation to the ends of the earth.’

Acts 13:47

Check out these two different scenarios. Scenario A, you take a 4k watts light into a room already lit up with bright lights. Scenario B, you take the same light into a dark room. In which of these scenarios would the 4k watt light have meaning?

God has called us to be the ‘Light of the world’. Those that are healed have no need of a physician, but those that are sick. There are people out there whom Jesus wants us to shine His Light on. Move to the dark and bring your 4K watts in.

God knows that those who are in the dark have nowhere to go because they can’t see. They are spiritually blind, so they make efforts to move but they keep bumping into each other – breeding more pain, sorrow, lack etc. All these may not be reflected in the physical but if the root exists in the spiritual, it would unfold unto their physical; God knows this which is why He set Lights (You and I) to bring salvation (Jesus) to them.

You may ask yourself, ‘Does God necessarily need ME to bring His word to others?’ Yes, but if you won’t be used, you’ll be replaced. And that is the most dangerous place to be. One of the reasons God sends us to the dark is because they appreciate the Light. This isn’t rocket science, it is very normal for someone who has been in the Light to take it for granted, but not someone who has been in the dark.

Salvation is for all of us and you and I need to move from preaching to the comforted and start taking our Lights to those outside the church.

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Today’s Prayer

Father, I am ready to take this Light to the Dark. Grant me more Grace to do your will tirelessly.

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