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Love Beyond Reason

Day 223
Verse of the day

So Satan answered the Lord and said, “Does Job fear God for nothing?”

Job 1:9

The biblical story of Job is a very peculiar one. Here was a successful man who for the great part retained an utmost fear and reverence for God. His desire for good and hatred for evil exceeded that of everyone on the earth such that God could boast of his goodness. This led to a suggestion by the devil that Job only feared God for the numerous benefits he received from Him, which was eventually proven to be false, for even when all of Job’s possessions were stripped off him, he remained faithful to God whom he regarded to as the One who gives and the One who takes.

Job’s story poses some very pertinent question to the believer. Chief of which is this: why do you fear God? Or why do you serve God? Or better still, why do you love God?

Do you love Him because He grants your desires, keeps you and yours in health, ensures you don’t lack and no evil befalls you? If everything you have now were to be taken from you; your beautiful house, your nice car, your satisfactory job, your health, a loved one; imagine everything you have being taken from you now, do you see yourself still loving God? If no, then do you really love Him? Or are you just here for the goodies?

Loving God for the physical benefits is a wrong reason to love God. Our love for Him and for all that He has made must transcend reason. We must love beyond reason. And if at all we love for any reason, this must be because He first loved us.

If nothing and no one can separate us from God’s love, then nothing and no one must cause us to cease loving Him.

And as it is in our relationship with God, so it should be in our relationship with one another.

References: Job 1:21; Romans 8:39

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Today’s Confession

Dad, I’ll love you forever beyond reason.

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