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Made To Reign

Day 316
Verse of the day

And have made us kings and priests to our God; and we shall reign on the earth.

Revelation 5: 10

Redemption through Christ has afforded us the privilege of being enthroned as kings and appointed as priests unto God. Having been ruled by sin for so long, we can now reign not just oversin and Satan but his accompanying system of living.

As kings, we reign in life and righteousness having dominion on the earth. Much more than the dominion which was lost by the first man has been given to us in Christ when He died androse again. So that henceforth, sin, flesh, sickness and Satan will not have dominionover us.

We do not live in fear of principalities and powers for we possess the nature and authority of Jesus which is greater than any other. Rather than live in fear, we live by the Spirit of love, power and sound mind; we recognize, accept and live in the reality of ourposition in Christ who is King of (us) kings.

As priests, we serve as bridges between God and all of creation by our lives of worship and service. By living in accordance with His will and executing His will on earth, we offer acceptable, sweet-smelling sacrifice to Him. As a priest, you are not just purified and made holy, you have the task of purifying and making others holy. Therefore, whenever you pray this way, with His purposes in mind, He answers.

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Today’s Confession

Dad, help me come into full consciousness of my nature as a king and priest to you and to reign and serve accordingly.

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