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He Makes All Things New

Day 335
Verse of the day

Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.”

Revelation 21:5

We are dynamic beings. And this is in accordance with the nature of our Father. The sun rises and sets, giving way for the moon to do the same, the river flows, the wind blows, the oil for the anointing flows. And so we must expect change, growth, newer experiences on our adventure in and with Christ.

God’s wonders are unending. Each new minute, each new day, provides us with opportunities to be further transformed into His image, to step into newer experiences in Him and in the vastness of His nature.

This should cause us to live our lives in constant expectation as if Jesus were just around the corner waiting to reveal a portion of Himself we have yet to know. It should cause us to keep taking steps down paths that lead us to possess all that He has provided for us.

He makes all things new in His time. Not for Him but for us. He knows all that there is and will be. He knows that night will not always remain. He knows that there’ll be a dawning of a great morning. He knows that we will someday (and even now) have no dealings with sins that so easily besets us.

We also know this, because we lean on Him for life. And in doing so we live from the future and not the past. Not who we were but who we can become, the newness we can experience in Him.

It doesn’t matter how dark your past was, now you find joy in your new experiences, in living in the present but from the future. You walk into newness of life and experiences. With faith, patience, trust and discipline, you walk and work towards all that has been written of you.

What possibilities in Him do you see ahead of you? What newness of life? Note them, and work towards them. Behold, He makes all things new. With Him, make them too.

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Today’s Confession 

I am assured of your promise of the age to come, I am assured of your promise that I will be made just like Christ. Therefore, I place these truths before me, daily focusing on them and finding newness and growth every morning.

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