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Most Intimate Moments - MIM - I went on a date with Jesus- Amara

I Went On A Date With Jesus – Amara

Hi, my name is Amara, and here’s an account of my date with Jesus. I hope it inspires you to seek and find Him in a most intimate place.

I had a date with Jesus.

I have only had it once, this date with Jesus. I learned this practice from my sister. She has a trend of going on dates with Jesus, where she makes plans, sets everything aside and just spends that selected time alone with Him. When I found out about this, it felt quite intimate and ‘cute’ to have Jesus come where He knows that you’ve not only created a space for Him in your heart, but have gone a step further to create a physical space for Him in such places as your room, dining area, or wherever fits.

Having this as a major part of my motivation, I set up to do the same sometime last year.

I chose my room as the location for the date. I mean, God is everywhere and my room seemed to be the best fit for it since I couldn’t use the dining area because of my housemates.

So, I set up my room perfectly well like I was expecting someone special to come over (He is special). Even I was surprised at how clean and orderly my room was after I set it up in expectation of Jesus’ visit. After setting the whole place up nicely, I dressed up nicely and then started my date. I want you to imagine how you’d normally prepare for a date. I most probably did 80% of the things you’d do in preparation. I even considered having on make-up but it was late (about 8 or 9 pm) so I shook the thought off.

Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure how the date would go or what to expect, so I just committed the whole thing to the Holy Spirit and asked Him to make it work.

I played some songs, turned off the lights, sat down for a while and began to eat, my meal being the word of God. I meditated for a while on His word, the lyrics of the song, and then the person of God. I spent all this time loving Him, singing to Him, telling Him how much I loved Him and thanking Him for all that He is to me. I did all this in hope that Jesus would literally pay me a visit. I wanted to see Him walk through the door and sit with me. I really wanted that!

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This expectation made me feel like the date went wrong because Jesus didn’t come as tangibly as I was expecting. But He came as I got to find out recently. I guess I made the same mistake which nearly every disciple of Christ makes. We define how we want God to approach us, and if He comes any other way, we miss it. Sometimes He spares us such encounters because we aren’t ready for it.

At some point in the date, I had a thought to lie down a bit. My thought was to keep soaking in the atmosphere and meditating on the word as I did so. And this is where it got funny. While I laid down there listening to the words of the songs in the background and meditating on His word, I slept off. I felt a little bad when I woke to find that I had slept off because I was so expectant and excited about this date. I had even gone about telling a few of my friends about this planned date with Jesus, only for me to fall asleep while at it.

But I noticed something amazing that night that I couldn’t wrap my head around for a while. And it is this – my rest that night happened to be one of the most peaceful rests I’ve ever had in my entire life. That was my consolation. I can’t even explain it. And I may even admit to it sounding insensitive to say that I slept off during my date and that the Person I slept off on made me rest so beautifully well. However, that was my consolation.

I chose to suspend the date with Jesus for a while because I still felt bad about sleeping off. If I was going to do it, I was going to do it right.

Only recently have I come to understand that my falling asleep wasn’t entirely bad. I mean aren’t there such references in the Bible?

It is vain for you to rise early,

To retire late,

To eat the bread of anxious labors—

For He gives [blessings] to His beloved even in his sleep.

Psalms 127:2


So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam; and while he slept, He took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh at that place.

Genesis 2:21

So, it seems quite true that I received a visitor and blessings in my sleep that night.

I really hope this inspires you to be, if anything, as childlike in engaging Him as I was. In the end, it’s not about the acts but the heart with which you seek Him.

I Went On A Date With Jesus – Amara

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14 thoughts on “I Went On A Date With Jesus – Amara

  1. “It’s not about the acts but the heart with which you seek Him”
    Thanks for sharing with us Amara.. I’m full of excitement as I read your story..

  2. Amara… I confess I still had that ‘wait, what?!’ and ‘loool reactions at the room setup and sleeping off parts of this account. But I must also confess that it tugged on my heartstrings…the devotion that inspired the act.

  3. “ I guess I made the same mistake near every disciple of Christ makes. We define how we want God to approach us, and if He comes any other way, we miss it.” – These words spoke to me.
    He hears, He listens and He responds.
    Thank you Amara, for sharing.

  4. Your passion…. Always inspires me
    It’s amazing
    You are one of, if not the most strongest person in know spiritually and you make it so beautiful….
    Thank you amara….for sharing. ?

  5. Wow!!
    I was really blessed! Thanks Amara
    And Yes!! Most times we define the way we want God to approach us but God is sovereign, He does as he pleases.
    I remember Elijah when he was at Mount Horeb, there was wind but the Lord was not in the wind, after there was earthquake but the Lord was not there, after there was fire but the Lord was not in it, after the fire, then came the still small voice.

  6. Ama, thank you for sharing this very REALISTIC date with Jesus. I can only imagine Him smiling down at you as you prepared for His coming. He ALWAYS shows up when we wait expectantly…

  7. This is amazing!!!
    I feel encouraged to wanna share my experiences with people who Love Jesus as much as I do and even more…….

    1. 🙂 I’m so glad you feel this way, Florentia. And if you’d love to share some of your experiences with Jesus on our website for others to see, do get in touch, we’ll gladly help out.

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