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Most Intimate Moments - MIM - I found Jesus in an auto crash , motor accident

I Found Jesus In An Auto Crash – Marvelous

Jesus in an Auto Crash

I had been involved in an auto crash that involved many people and was in a coma for days. Jesus became most real to me during those days.

A few days before the accident, I had like a foreboding, a feeling that something consequential was to happen soon.

I was at a revival meeting in church when this feeling came. At some point during the service, despite that the weather was hot that day, I felt the strands of hair on my skin stand.

I prayed about this feeling as best I could, but felt deep down that I still hadn’t addressed what was coming. The fact that I did not understand what this foreboding pointed at did not make things any easier. I was also wary of living in fear, so I prayed a simple prayer and shoved the issue off my mind. And this proved to be a costly mistake – at least, from the human perspective.

We were at Orogun (in Ibadan) when it happened. The driver had lost control of the vehicle, which led to the accident, details of which were narrated to me after I regained consciousness two days later. Yes, I came to experience what’s often referred to as temporary coma.

I could hear voices directed at me, doctors telling and talking. I remember hearing Dr. Mega, tell another to avoid administering a medication to me, citing that it could cause brain inflammation.

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Interestingly, through all this, I was hardly worried about me. Even in my state, I found myself somewhat still praying God to keep the others alive. I was somehow immersed in this person of God. I could see this picture in my head of me being carried out of the vehicle through one of its windows, the blood on the road, a fellow passenger’s leg out of place. I remember the feeling of hot tears on my face, my prayers to God asking that He forgive my ignorance. “I should have taken Your warning more seriously. Take me but let no one else die,” I prayed within with the bit of consciousness I had left.

He Whispered Peace

At some point, I thought God really would take me home, considering the injuries to my head and leg. But all of a sudden came this calmness like I’d never felt. It was like hearing Jesus say, “Peace be still,” like He’d said to the raging storm when He traveled on a sea with His disciples (Mark 4:39). I got this and drifted off into a sound sleep.

When I awoke, I was out of the semi-unconscious state I had been in, and the first question out of my lips was, “how is everyone? Where are they?”

I later found that some were at the Intensive Care Unit at University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan. I know of one who could have died of aspiration pneumonia but for what I can only call a miracle. His teeth had sunk into his tongue.

Though I was seriously hurt and could have sustained brain damages because I’d seriously hit my head, I never felt closer to God before that day. After the accident, I often struggled to recall people’s names, no matter how hard I tried, but not the presence of God. It was so real, so tangible, it was all I felt during that period. My ribs were cracked and I was not entirely myself during the earlier periods of my recovery, but I just knew He was there with me all through, guiding, strengthening, comforting.

He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him.

Psalm 91:15

This I would term one of my most intimate moments with Jesus – if not the most intimate. I hope it inspires and brings you to a place of knowing Him.

That moment changed me…entirely. It happened September last year, and I can still feel the effect of the transformation I underwent during that period, even now.


Jesus is real, personal and intimate. I hope you find such intimacy with Him yourself. And soon.

I Found Jesus In An Auto Crash – Marvelous

Jesus is real, personal and intimate. I hope you find such intimacy with Him yourself. And soon.Click to Tweet
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