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I Felt The Warmth Of His Embrace – Comfort

I had an encounter. I am not sure what to call it – a dream, a trance or something. But I saw him, a glowing being, like a man. He approached and embraced me. It was beautiful!

Sometime in April, I was in a strange place. I had been having some challenges in my walk with God. They were things I could sense but couldn’t quite communicate. So, when I called a friend and asked that he pray with me, I wasn’t sure what my request was. I just told him I coveted his prayers and he agreed to pray.

He did. I am almost certain he did because soon, I began having some wonderful experiences with God. They came in waves. At some point, Psalms 16:5 and 17:15 (below) became my constant meditation for a whole week.

The Lord Himself is my inheritance, my prize, He is my food and drink, my highest joy! He guards all that is mine.

Psalms 16:5

But as for me, my contentment is not in wealth but in seeing you and knowing all is well between us. And when I awake in heaven, I will be fully satisfied, for I will see you face to face.

Psalms 17:15

These words rested in my spirit for a whole week and soon I began having other more wonderful experiences. God literally began blowing my mind with His love, His realness, and how tangible He is.

Then the dreams came

I am a university graduate with a B. Physio. I graduated sometime in 2015. But somehow, in this dream, I found myself in my secondary school, dressed in my secondary school’s uniform and searching for a class to attend. I failed at this, never found a class that fit, no matter how hard I tried.

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Soon, I realized I wasn’t looking to attend a class but to teach/work in one, because in the dream, I found I was a university graduate seeking a place of internship in my secondary school. As soon as I realized this, I went to the admin, told them about my situation. They considered and confirmed that I was qualified but would need to wait a while.

I woke up and almost forgot this dream, only to be reminded by the Holy Spirit. Although it made little sense to me, it just kept coming to mind, until I did the only thing I knew to do. I prayed.

I spoke to the Holy Spirit about this and soon He responded. I was made to understand that the dream spoke of the school of the spirit, and how I had made so much progress in it but still lived oblivious of the life I have, living like I know nothing of it.

This explanation resonated so deeply within and I couldn’t agree any less. Soon, I took this revelation to God in prayers. My request was simple: to begin living according to all that I have received from Him.

His embrace

It’s amazing how God responds to our simple prayers. There are times we’ll need to wait as Habakkuk 2:1 reveals, and other times where a simple prayer does it. In this case, my simple prayer did.

On the 3rd of May, (about two weeks ago), I had an encounter. I am not sure what to call it – a dream, a trance or something. But I saw him, a glowing being, like a man. He approached and embraced me.

It was beautiful! I was overjoyed! Filled with a joy so palpable. I also hugged him tightly. Didn’t want to let him go. How could I, after what I had just felt?

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Soon though, he released me from his embrace and touched my shoulders. As he did, I began shaking all over. A powerful force hit me and I fell.

While down there, I saw him leave but couldn’t hold him down. I just watched on until he disappeared out of sight.

I awoke and soon began asking questions again, “Holy Spirit, Why? Why this? Why the encounter? To what end was this?”

I knew it was related to the first dream but how? I did not know. So, I kept asking and He told me how. He told me what the encounters meant and how they were to influence my walk with him in this period – details of which I may not go into since they are meant for me.

I had never imagined having such an experience as this, not anytime soon at least. I still don’t know so much. But He has given a part, a part that still feels too much to handle. Even now I don’t understand much, I just know I am hooked, hooked on the love I feel and the realness of God towards me.

God can be this real to you too if you can just trust with childlike abandon. It’s often not as difficult as we think.

– Comfort

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