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I Also Went On A Date With Jesus – Oto

I went on a date with Jesus.

On Wednesday, 2nd May, we had Bible study. I missed it because it rained heavily, but I called in to find out how it’d gone and if there was some information I needed to hear. I was told that my pastor had instructed us all to go on a date with Jesus the following Friday. His instructions were clear: we had to be intentional and treat it like an actual date.

You can imagine how I felt on reading Amara’s story, which was shared on the same day I had planned to go on my date with Jesus. What an alignment!

I could relate to her story — how she expected Jesus to literally walk through her bedroom door during their date, and how disappointed she felt when He didn’t. Thankfully, we know better now. He’s always there when we invite Him. We just have to SEE Him.

The date

I was late for our date, but that’s fine. When I realized that I was going to be late, I spoke with Him, apologized and asked Him for 10 extra minutes. I had begun my morning late that Friday because I stayed up late the previous night. But as soon as I got out of bed, I started to tidy my room. I swept, mopped, dusted and then laid my bed. I arranged my Bible, a journal, and a pen, neatly on one side of my bed. I shut the windows, turned on the air conditioner and drew the curtains. I didn’t want any extra light to come into the room. His Light is enough, I thought to myself. (Quite extreme, I guess, but I was ready to have fun with it too).

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I set a chair for Him opposite my bed, sprayed some fragrance in the air, left our “love song” playing and I went to go prepare myself for Him. I placed a “do not disturb” sign on the door, locked myself in, then wore a dress which I’d selected for the occasion.

I sat on my bed, opposite the chair and I apologized once again for being late – it was about 12:11 pm. Then we began… I didn’t have a plan for how the date was supposed to go. I just knew we were going to have a great time. And we did.

Jesus made me write

I didn’t pray for anything I needed. I do that every other day. I sang to Him for a while, and then I listened to Him. When I saw that I entertained a thought that was not entirely about Him, I apologized and told Him how He was more important than anything else. And then, He made me write.

I wrote for hours. As I wrote, I paused to take selfies with Him. I don’t take pictures as a habit, but something in me thought that if I took pictures around the chair I had prepared for Him, I might capture Him on camera (LOL). I was determined to be a child that day. Isn’t that what He asks of us in Matthew 18:3? When I was done with that piece, I saw how it paid off. Then I felt Him tell me something I felt I already knew – more action, less talk. I guess He reminded me for a reason.

So, I picked up my violin and played Him a song I wrote, and some other worship songs.

Almost 6 hours had passed…

It was some minutes to 6 pm and our date was ending, when my brother knocked on the door. I wondered why he’d knock with that sign I put up, but I excused myself and answered him. It was quick and I locked myself back in. He came back shortly after and I tried not to get frustrated. I didn’t realize how restless he was. Then, he told me he was not feeling well. I touched him and he was burning up. He described all the ways he was feeling and he wanted something but I didn’t have it and I knew that the market would have closed. I told him I’d get it early the next day and asked him to rest.

I was about to lock myself in again when I looked at the chair opposite my bed. More action, less talk. He wanted me to go and pray with him, after all, He went about doing good. I was shy to pray with my elder brother but I did. I went and prayed with him. I prayed that he’d feel better before midnight. And he did.

I came back to my room to wrap up the date, thanking Him for showing up and promising that another one would come up soon.

Below’s the piece I wrote while on the date. It’s a little long but you’ll be glad you read…



My friend that sticks closer than a brother …

Nothing I write now might be purely original

And although I intend it as a poem

There might be no rhyme scheme, defined stanzas, or singular tone

It’s just one way I thought to show YOU

How much I love YOU.

In the song I wrote

I wrote that nothing I do can change what you’ve done

That’s because YOU took me quite seriously

When YOU gave up your life for me

YOU deserve to be taken seriously too

Because YOU are more important…

More important than any love story I will try to play out on this earth,

Yours is already the greatest love story ever told

And then, YOU even watch over me as I sleep

YOU are jealous over me and YOU fight for me

YOU call me the apple of your eyes

And hurt when YOU see that I don’t see myself through your eyes

I imagine your heart breaking every time I tried to use a thing or a person to complete me

I didn’t know what was important

I didn’t know that YOU were (are) more important.

Janette, in her poem (I will wait for you), wrote about how she will no longer associate with “sorta-kindas”

She was just going to wait for “him”

Him, who would love her with a fierceness and completeness that would make the wait worth it.

I love that poem for so many reasons

But my best part is its sequel, “I waited for you”

Which she read to him years later, as they exchanged their vows.

In it, she confessed her love for him

And gratitude for every painful moment and event that caused their paths to cross

It was as beautiful as beautiful can be

But then, she told him nicely

To never flatter himself into thinking that she’d ever put him above HIM

She was HIS first before she was his.

He actually couldn’t stop crying and nodding his head as she read to him

Because even he knew

That YOU are more important

That’s what happens when two hearts, independently complete in YOU, become one.

It’s a completeness overflow… it flowed out of my eyes, down my cheeks and unto my bed.

So now, Darling… I am done.

I am done clinging to the light in others, hoping that it would someday shine on me.

I realize now that YOU are all the light that I need and there is no barrier; darkness is dispelled; I have full access to YOU, and people are drawn into YOU because my life is proof that fullness in You is possible for all (1Peter 2:9, Ephesians 3:19)

I am done depending on things that have no eternal value, because YOU are more important

I Matthew 6:33a, because YOU are more important.

I lay it all down again, because YOU are more important.

YOU are more important, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

P.S: If you made it to the end of this something like a poem (for this is perhaps where poetry and prose meet), I hope that you from today set your priorities straight. He is more important and He loves you and He is waiting for you. Don’t let Him wait in vain.

I Also Went On A Date With Jesus – Oto

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