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No Price Is Too High

Day 245
Verse of the day

And Abraham built an altar there and placed the wood in order; and he bound Isaac his son and laid him on the altar, upon the wood.

Genesis 22:9

There is no greater expression of human love than that a man should lay down his life for his friend, someone he counts dear to himself. But Christ has revealed to us a greater expression of love in that while we were yet sinners and enemies of His, He died for us.

Jesus held back nothing when He took our place in bearing the judgment of God for our sins. He gave up many ‘joys’ of childhood, and ‘pleasures’ of youth to ensure that through His death and resurrection, He would grant us new life. He had no other AMBITION than to do what He saw the Father do. This was how He lived.

Having lived and died to save you and me, having given His all for us, is there a price too high for us to pay in following Him? Is there a sacrifice too great to make for the One who became mortal that we might be made immortals like Him?

The sacrifices He requires of us do not stem from His desire or need to feed on sacrifices. No. When Christ requires that we let go of things, it isn’t because He wants to see us pained or suffer, this is not the way of the divine. Rather, when Christ ask us to let go of things, they are things that eventually lead to death: a form of life that is not of His design for us. So when He says, “lay aside all…” He does so knowing that when you hold on to such, you can’t live by the Spirit. And even when He asks to let go of legitimate things, He does so because He knows they may lead us down a path He hasn’t designed for us.

God constantly works towards ensuring that all of you becomes all of Him. You’ll be required to let go of things for this to be accomplished. Let nothing be more important to you that doing likewise what you see the Father do in you.

References: 1 Peter 2:1; John 5:19

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Today’s Confession

Jesus, thank you for the sacrifices, the price you paid for me. Today, I surrender all to You. I withhold nothing from You. Take me as I am and make of me what You desire.

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