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Praise The Lord

Day 333
Verse of the day

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!

Psalm 150:6

Praise the Lord!

Are you alive and reading this? Praise the Lord! Are you alive but down and low in spirit? Praise Him! Are you alive but down in health, weary and in need? Praise Him! Alive but disappointed about how the year has been? Praise Him! Are you alive but unsure about what the new year holds? Praise Him! Are you alive with a lot of blessings? Praise Him!

Everything that has breath should praise the Lord. EVERY – not one, not some. This is inclusive of trees, insects, animals, Man, Angels, The Host of Heaven. This is the instruction. This is the call. Praise the Lord.

You can only praise Him if there is breath in you and what is our life worth if we are not praising Him?

Our praises shouldn’t be restricted to when things are going right because then praises become conditional. We praise God for every moment and everything because that shows we’ve got Faith in Him and if there is anything that God delights in, other than praises is seeing His people show Faith in Him. One thing is clear, God’s motives are right even when it doesn’t make sense to us.

So Praise God for Life, Praise Him for Losses, Praise Him for Love, Praise Him for Jesus coming here to die for us, Praise Him for where you are, Praise Him for where you are going, Praise Him for things unseen, Praise Him for the Glory to be revealed.

Praise the Lord always!

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Today’s Confession

Praise the Lord! Always will I praise You, Lord!

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