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receiving the gift of grace and truth, awe 365, john 1:17

Receiving The Fullness Of Grace And Truth

Day 162
Verse of the day

For the Law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

John 1:17

A child cried for food and was given a few pieces of biscuits because the food being prepared wasn’t yet ready. She was given biscuits not to satisfy her hunger, but to reduce it and keep her quiet until the main meal was ready. The biscuit is like a shadow of the meal, just like the Law is the shadow of the gospel of grace. The main meal is bigger, more nutritious and more satisfying than a few pieces of biscuits. The same way, the gospel of grace is way far better than the Law. While the Law was a temporal palliative to the problem of sin, the gospel is a permanent remedy to the sin problem.

John affirms Jesus as the eternal Son of God. He describes Him as; the Word, and the Light in whom is Life. He also speaks of Him being full of grace and truth. Jesus is a fountain of overflowing fullness and everything we have in God, we received from His fullness by grace. Grace is a gift that opens the door to the many gifts we have received and are still receiving from God. Therefore, there is no room for boasting, rather we must always be thankful. This knowledge removes our fears and worries about what we do not have or are incapable of because we can receive whatever we need from the unsearchable riches of His grace.

Both grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. They flow from Him because He is full of grace and truth. He is the truth personified, its embodiment. He reveals the Father to us, His will, way, and mind towards us. This revelation of the Father to us is the truth which sets us free. To know the Father, you must know the Son.

Have you received the gift of God’s grace? Has the true knowledge of the Father been revealed to you? If no, why not believe Jesus, His death, and resurrection today? Why not confess Him as Lord? He is the way to the Father.

References: John 1:14

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Today’s Confession

Dear Father, I am grateful for the gift of grace which you have given to me by Jesus. Today, I receive it in great measures with every other gift that I need in Jesus name. Amen

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