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Resolve Disputes Immediately!

Day 298
Verse of the day

“Be angry, and do not sin”: do not let the sun go down on your wrath,

Ephesians 4:26

Anger is not a strange emotion, and contrary to popular opinion, it is not wrong to be angry. Anger has fuelled a lot of positive outcomes. For example, imagine if being angry at the dirtiness on your street propels you to purchase waste bins for all homes – that’s not so bad after all, yeah?

The problem is staying angry or allowing the anger to lead to a negative outcome such as bitterness, strife, and the likes. It is important to manage our feelings properly. When we are upset, there is the tendency for an outburst to occur and if done thoughtlessly, words could be said that are irrevocable or things yet unfixable could be done.

On the hand, some people might decide to keep that outburst to themselves and walk away from the situation to avoid any immediate confrontation. The danger of this is in bottling up our anger, we could nurse these feelings and give the devil an opportunity to fan flames of discord in the heart. The resultant effect is never right.

So how then do we resolve issues?

There is the need to apply wisdom in solving matters. Being genuinely sorry is key. Tendering an apology and talking it over is also paramount. If necessary, it would be wise to involve a mediator to help ease the tension.

This doesn’t mean that the issue would be resolved in one heartbeat or in a day but taking the first step to resolving it is important for your peace. It also strengthens love when issues are fixed in good time. The longer it takes, the more difficult and more likely for things to spiral out of control.

One hurting part of delayed dispute resolution is the loss of life – imagine not saying sorry to someone before they die? A lot of people have slipped into depression from bearing this guilt.

Most times, we run away from apologizing because of pride. We just can’t see ourselves taking back those hurtful words we said because they felt right in that moment and the recipient may have even been deserving of it. But, is it worth your sleep to stay mad at someone?

If there is anyone you need to apologize to or fix things with, please do it today.

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Today’s Confession

Lord, today I receive from You the humility to rewrite my wrongs.

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