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Rest For The Weary

Day 283
Verse of the day

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28

That morning, she mustered all the energy she could, to get out of bed. This morning would be no different from the others, and she was running late. Cynthia had responsibilities apart from work – household chores she had put off all week. As the choir coordinator of her church, it was her responsibility to oversee who led the congregation in singing songs, and what songs the choir as a whole would minister. By the end of rehearsal on Friday, her shoulders sagged with the thought of what the children would eat when they got home, it all seemed like a never ending cycle.

With living, comes responsibilities, many of which one cannot escape. However, these engagements can often leave one feeling overwhelmed especially when the place of communion with Father is missing. Yet, the Lord does not condemn those who are tired from their toil. He knows that this life comes with its troubles, and also knows what it feels like to have seemingly daunting responsibilities to shoulder. Instead, He asks all who will, to draw near to Him because true rest can only come from Him.

You may be interested in Cynthia’s story: when she got home and served her family their evening meals, she asked them to hold her hands and pray for her before they each went to bed. In the coming days, by drawing near once again to Father, she would learn to live out the life of rest her Father desired her to. In doing this, she fulfilled the desire of her Father concerning her – finding rest in Him.

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Today’s Confession

Father, thank you for Your supply, and for the reassurance that I can always find rest in Your presence.

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