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Jesus Saved Me From Addiction To Pornography And Immoral Relationships – Gideon

I am Lasisi Gideon, born and raised by two godly parents.

It is beautiful enough that my parents knew God, but more beautiful when you realize where they were before meeting Him; especially my dad. Dad stemmed from a family of traditionalists, who stemmed from a family of Muslims. So, if he were to choose, he would now either be an Ifa worshipper or one who practices the faith of Islam. But he didn’t exactly choose – at least not from the heart – then God met him.

His encounter with Jesus happened while he was dating a witch. I mean witch – like the spiritual type of witch, not just a terribly oppressive person. Funny, right? I promise it wasn’t so funny to him at the time. Several incidents occurred at the time which caused him to dread her. And in the state of extreme fear, he met a man of God. This meeting marked the turning point in his life. He went seeking help concerning the woman he dated but rather met a straightaway commissioning into Christian ministry. He got born again, got filled with the Holy Spirit and had prophetic gifting immediately activated. All this happened in an instant to a man who had had nothing ever to do with Christianity. These series of events culminated in a call to the ministry.

So, I grew up knowing my dad to be a Pastor who exhibited the prophetic, and my mom as one who did the same. The power of the Holy Spirit was so evident to them, and manifest through them, but not to me, although we lived under the same roof. But I was morally upright. That wasn’t exactly difficult; their lives and words instilled enough discipline in us (their children), although I knew I hadn’t personally met this Jesus they both seemed to have totally surrendered to. I remember the times I heard mom pray in tongues and provide corresponding interpretations. I often doubted the things she said. How does she know what she says is true? Where does she get these things? I often thought. I was only natural.

A Gift Brought Me Death

Soon, I began doing things that all natural men do – become subject to weaknesses. I was fifteen years old when Dad got me an internet-enabled phone as a gift. This made me a perfect playground for distractions – an unsaved fifteen-year-old with an active mind and an internet-enabled phone. One of the first things I googled – if not the first – was pornography. This stemmed from influences I’d had from friends, who boldly stored photos of nude people on their phones.

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This attitude continued a while and became worse when I got on this popular social app among teenagers which I’ll refrain from mentioning. It provided a direct opportunity to receive unclad pictures from girls on the app. Most of my online relationships became quite unhealthy, and I must say that I never did see this coming. To everyone, I was this disciplined youth because, amidst this sinfulness, I still found a way to focus on my studies. Moral uprightness couldn’t hold weight against these things; it wasn’t that powerful. Sometimes I wondered why “God didn’t tell my parents the kind of things I had gotten into.” Maybe they just trusted me too much. Or maybe it was meant to be a personal journey into Him because soon, something happened.

A Friend’s Redemptive Love

On a fateful night in 2009, a friend, who was well-aware I was a pastor’s son, decided to preach Jesus to me. He talked about hell and the purpose of Jesus’ coming. I remember once during lunchtime in primary school, a teacher of mine read to us about the reality of these things. It was real that day but not as real as it was the night my friend spoke to me about Christ, although the conversation had taken place over the phone. I cried like a baby! I knew I had never accepted Christ’s sacrifice and Lordship over my life and that hurt. For the first time, I prayed for salvation from my heart and got it.

This beloved friend frequently called and sent text messages to ensure I was faring well in the Lord. He did a lot, but I lost my head at some point and again got into ungodly relationships. This highlights something about this faith of Christ. It is one thing to come into God’s Kingdom through salvation, it’s another to find Light by which to live. This Light redefines how you get to live. If this Light isn’t gotten after salvation, there is every chance you’d find yourself do things you have been given freedom from. This was the case with me.

It is one thing to come into God's Kingdom through salvation, it's another to find Light by which to live.Click to Tweet

Soon, I gained admission immediately I graduated High School and made a silly decision when I was to leave home – a decision to be a good boy but not a church boy. Religion wasn’t something I was willing to give myself to. I just wanted to be in the middle. I should have known better. You don’t sit on the fence – you can’t. You are either in God’s Kingdom or not.

I attended the same campus fellowship which my elder brother – who was years ahead of me – attended. There was nothing appealing about this place – even my elder brother had not encountered the power of the cross there. I joined a group in the fellowship although I still sinned secretly.

All of this happened until my third year in the university.

I Found Liberating Light

I attended a meeting for workers and this was where I encountered God’s grace in great proportion. A brother spoke on The Mystery of Death and Glory – he explained Christ’s redemptive work and emphasized how we are dead to sin (Romans 6:7-14).

Likewise you also, reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

– Romans 6:11

Reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord.Click to Tweet

That was the light I needed! It’ll be quite difficult to describe what happened that day but I felt like a heavy load was lifted off my head. I felt so light, so free, so liberated. I ceased from the ungodly relationships which fostered my secret sins – something which I had often tried and failed to accomplish. My intimate journey with the Lord started at this point.

After I returned from the retreat, I could not go out. Someone compelled me to, but I remained indoors. Yielding to this leading to wait brought its blessings. I experienced for the first time that day what my parents had been experiencing since I knew them – I heard this voice… It came first as a sound, noise, something, and was soon accompanied by a verse in scripture – Ezekiel 2:8.

Son of Man, you are to listen to what I tell you. You are never to be rebellious like they are: a rebellious group. Now, open your mouth and eat what I’m giving you…

– Ezekiel 2:8

I knew Ezekiel was in the bible quite alright but I don’t remember ever getting to personally read from it, let alone know the contents of the verse I heard. But the voice was too clear too, too audible to ignore or deny. I felt this voice as vividly as I heard it.

No one was with me in that room – I had opened my eyes, looked around and found no one.

This verse of scripture became embedded not just on my mind – wherein I could forget – but in my spirit where it cannot be erased. I mean, if in my dreams, I were asked to quote this verse, I would without flinching. He asked me to come eat what He’ll give and I have not stopped eating till date. I will not stop. Don’t you see it mentioned in the gospel of John that He is the bread of eternal life, the manna from Heaven? This love for Jesus started here, He became very real and personal from this moment on. And so it is that the boy who wanted only to be a good boy and not a church boy found Life, not the religion he so feared. And that Life brought him liberation – it freed me from addiction to pornography and immoral relationships.

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A Touch Of His Hand

I have had supernatural experiences. Several of them.

Once during a corporate meeting, I had an experience. The Lord touched my fingers. He reached out a finger, I did the same, and as soon as His fingers brushed mine, oh that sensation! It’s funny but it really does seem a good thing that His finger didn’t linger on mine. I am near certain I could not have handled more of what I felt if it had.

At another instance, I had an instructional vision – I saw an angel lying in the corner of a room. I instantly received an understanding of what it meant – the ministry of the angel had been neglected, left unattended to and the angel left without engagement. This I believe is a lesson to us; that God provides resources when He places responsibilities in our hands. And that it is our responsibility, not His, to engage these resources and keep them from going to waste.

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I’ll speak only of this two, with the aim of reiterating the realness of Jesus.

Jesus is tangible, He heals, He is real. I hope you find Him, and as real as I did.

Jesus Saved Me From Addiction To Pornography And Immoral Relationships – Gideon 

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