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Secret To Perfect Joy

Day 310
Verse of the day

These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full.

John 15:11

Jesus being Man in the fullness of God understood how life works. He knew we couldn’t always be happy. He had personal life experiences – his friend Lazarus died, he was rejected a lot of times, he had times when he was really hungry and his disciples were going to reject him. Those things and many more can be depressing and can be stealers of joy and strength. Jesus, however, also had knowledge of the truth that the joy of the Lord is our strength always.

How then do we keep this joy that Jesus exhibited in the midst of life’s challenges? How do we maintain that steady, full joy when life throws its worst experiences at us? “These things” are detailed in the previous chapters to our text. They revolve round abiding in Him and following after the leading of the Holy Spirit. The secret to steady, unwavering joy in our hearts lies in dwelling in Him and sojourning this land with Him. It requires waiting submissively, and expectantly, and accepting His will without question.

Jesus is a typical expression of this secret. He spent his time on earth staying with the Father despite how overwhelming His life got at times. He rejoiced in His obedient response to the will of the Father and now asks that we do the same. He offers us joy that is isn’t limited by circumstances but lasts eternally. We receive these perfect joy in the fellowship of Christ’s blessedness.

Reference: Psalm 91:1, John 14:26

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Today’s Confession

Father, thank you for the gift of joy everlasting. Help me to follow you more nearly now and forever.

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