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Serving God Doesn’t Always Come First

Day 321
Verse of the day

Then He appointed twelve, that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach.

Mark 3:14

Who is your best friend? Let’s call him/her Love.

When Love calls or texts you to just talk, does he/she tell you things in hope that you’d immediately share on social media or pass it on to the world? Or does he tell you things so you can share in his burdens and find delight in his joys?

Now, think of God as ‘Love’, your best friend. Doesn’t it become clear to you, when you see Him in this light, that most often when God speaks to you, He isn’t exactly issuing commands or instructions? Isn’t it possible that, as a friend, He just wants to speak with you, hear your opinion on issues, share His burdens with you, and share in yours?

We are often made to believe that our primary responsibility towards God is to serve Him, or our primary responsibility towards the gift of the gospel is to proclaim it.

This isn’t true.

Our primary responsibility to God isn’t to serve, but to experience and enjoy Him. Same goes for the gospel which is first to be experienced and enjoyed then preached. Or how would you joyfully proclaim and serve a God you do not enjoy in any way? That would make you appear to work under a taskmaster.

God is to be known as much more than someone to be served or obeyed. You should see Him as someone who loves to spend Father-and-child moments with you; someone who can tell you of His plans for your siblings in the faith or mankind as a whole; with whom you can share your secrets – even the things you would consider inconsequential.

This is how God wants to be with you. He wants to know you and have you know Him before having you serve Him.

Therefore, don’t be hasty to broadcast God’s words and gifts to you unless He asks you to. But first experience Him and His word, then you can teach others to do the same.

Our primary responsibility to God isn't to serve, but to experience and enjoy Him. Same goes for the gospel which is first to be experienced and enjoyed, then preached.Click to Tweet
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Today’s Confession 

Thank You, Daddy, for taking delight in me, for wanting to know me and have me know You. You are my Father, not my taskmaster. Help me to understand and live by this truth. Also, help me recognize and exalt my position as your son/daughter above someone who only serves.

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