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Get Involved – Share Your Jesus Story.

As a way of supporting what we do in helping many see the realness of Jesus and the beauty of an intimate relationship with Him, we encourage you to share your Jesus story with us. You can do this through any of the following means:

  1. Text: Write your story and email it as an attached document to [email protected]. Your story should give us an insight into who you were before you experienced the realness of Jesus, how and when you had this experience, how He transformed your life afterward. Also included in the email should be a personal photo you’d love to have us use as the featured image when your story is published.
  2.  Audio: Record your story in audio format and email as an attachment to the same email address above. Once received, we’ll have your story transcribed, edited and reviewed by you (if need be) before publishing. A personal photo to be used as the featured image should also be included in the email as in 1 above.
  3. Connect and chat with us on any of our social media accounts (listed below) and we’ll receive your story over a brief chat.


Twitter: @msst_me