Get Involved – Share Your Jesus Story.

Salvation Stories.

To share your salvation story – the story of your coming into a real relationship with Jesus – with us, kindly send in your submission, in audio or text format, to [email protected]

This story should reflect how you lived without Jesus, the series of events that led you to Him, and what became of you after you met Him. Do include relatable experiences that affirm these parts of your story. Going through our collection of salvation stories offers you help on how to record yours.

We encourage you to be as vulnerable as you can, for we believe your story will do well to comfort and encourage those who are currently experiencing the same challenges as you once did or do.

Most Intimates Moments

To contribute to the Most-Intimate-Moments section of our website, kindly send in an account of one or more times when the realness of Jesus was most evident to you. This might stem from a personal experience or that of a loved one. What happened/happens in your most intimate moment(s) with Jesus?

Email your submissions to [email protected]


Do include a brief bio and your preferred feature image for any or both submissions. It’s our practice to only use the first names of our contributors except otherwise stated.

Feel free to email us with any questions you may have regarding this, we are willing to help. You can also visit our About page to find out what Salvation Stories and MIM are about.

So, share your story, inspire someone to seek and love Him more and don’t forget to tell your friends about what we do!