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Why are you sleeping?

Day 292
Verse of the day

Then He said to them, “Why do you sleep? Rise and pray, lest you enter into temptation.”

Luke 22:46

Life is a battle. The sooner we understood this as believers, the better it would be for us. Several times, we get so comfortable in what our physical eyes see and what external circumstances are saying, that we don’t allow our eyes of faith open up to the battle we’re in.

In every battle, both parties would have a strategy. The winner of most wars isn’t necessarily the most physically able but the most strategic. An enemy would always seek out a weakness in his opponents and deals his blow where he has calculated would hit hardest. Our enemy’s chief strategy in fighting us is temptations. So, how do we overcome them? On our knees! – in prevailing, faith-full, consistent prayer. This is the violence of the kingdom Christ spoke of.

You may have knowledge of this battle as most believers will quickly admit, but do you actually engage yourself in the battle? Or are you like a soldier dozing off on the battlefront? I’m sure that picture resounds in your mind as a very dangerous venture; how can a soldier sleep with missiles flying overhead? But that is literally what we do as believers when we don’t pray.

Fortunately, we have One who defends us and is always battle-ready but we whom He lines up as His soldiers on battle are sleeping. We’re told in verse 45 why the disciples were sleepy and it was because of sorrow. They were drugged with grief, wearied by sorrow and so they slept.

You may have been wearied by life’s sorrows, by the disappointment of delayed answers to prayers, drugged by the world’s many distractions (even legitimate ones), wearied from the toil even of God’s business, but inasmuch as God sympathizes with us in some of these things, He knows that the solution is not sleep but prayer!

So pray. Pray like your life depends on it because it does! Pray when you’re tired, pray when you don’t “feel” like praying, pray when you feel you’re “okay”, pray on behalf of others, pray when you’re weak, pray when you’re strong, pray always. Rest under the shadow of Your Father’s Presence.

Wake up from your sleep, get up, take up the whole armour of God and fight!

References: Luke 21:34, Ephesians 6:10-12

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Today’s Prayer

Lord, let the alarm of the Spirit sound in my heart. I arise and stand ready in the place of prayer.

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