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Our Source of Refreshing

Day 312
Verse of the day

Then he became very thirsty; so he cried out to the Lord…

Judges 15:18

Sometimes we may feel dehydrated, dry, almost like we are walking through dry lands, and God is missing. Life seems to be crashing in on us, moving so fast such that we feel we can’t cope. In such moments, we may feel incapable of offering spiritual gifts to others, almost like we produced bricks, such that we fear that we would hurt rather than bless those of willing to receive. In these moments, Jesus’ promise about us being sources of rivers of living water begins to feel like an elusive mirage.

The tendency in such moments is for us to fret, to go about with weights on our shoulders, and steady frowns on our faces and a fear of being unable to access God.

This shouldn’t be.

God never leaves us, and He wouldn’t leave us to run dry despite promising that we would be rivers of living waters ourselves. This feeling of drought is often a pointer to the factthat our souls have not been feeding and living off Him as we should, and, in living, we dispense more than we receive from Him.

The believer’s soul is designed to always drink from the fountain of living waters, to be ever dependent on Jesus, who is our Source and Sustenance. This act of drinking is one which we must not forsake, for forsaking it would mean forsaking our source of refreshing, our support system.

Therefore, when all seems dark, dry, dreary, don’t put up appearances with Him, don’t bother yourself much about how He’d react to your being away for so long, just go and stay with Him in prayers, in intimate conversations, believing He is there with you and soon, you’ll feel the waters of refreshing and rest break out into your soul again and again and again.

God resides within you, beloved. Within and around you. He is no more far away. Consciously draw strength from Him to stay refreshed as you live each moment of your life.

References: Judges 15:18, 19; John 7:38

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Today’s Confession

Father, teach me to stay in You always, to know and experience You as my Source of rest and refreshing.

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