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Will You Stand Your Watch?

Day 99
Verse of the day.

I will stand my watch
And set myself on the rampart,
And watch to see what He will say to me,
And what I will answer when I am corrected.

Habakkuk 2:1

Giving is a key responsibility of God towards us and all of His creation. God gives ceaselessly. He does so by His Word. He is His Word, and His Word is Him. He gives nothing without His Word (John 1:3). With and in His Word, He gives and has given us all things (2 Peter 1:3).

All that has been given us has been given us by God’s Word. God created Light by His Word. He created all else, by the same Word. His Word, His utterances are summed up as Life.

Just as it is a key responsibility of God to give to us, it is our key responsibility to receive from Him. And one way to receive the blessings of God for us is to hear God’s Word, for doing so births the faith to receive the blessing.

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Standing before God

Often, when we hear of believers’ watch or duty post, we think of what must be done for God: how we must win a soul, preach, teach, love our neighbours as ourselves. We are tempted to bother more about service that we forget the greatest service we can offer: the service of consciously standing before God.

Standing before God goes beyond physically finding time to stand before Him. No, standing before God involves maintaining a heart disposition that reflects our desire to, like Habakkuk, see what He will say to us. It is a posture of the heart that prays, meditates, intercedes, and listens just so we can see or hear what God has to say to us. We do this in expectation of a timely Word from Him because we realize that His Word is Life, Strength, and food for our soul (Ezekiel 3:3).

This is what Jesus did when, early in the morning, He rose, and went to a secret place to pray. Without this, He would fail at everything He did. Thank God He didn’t.

Through this, He saw what the Father was doing and did the same. This is our true duty post. Standing here causes us to receive His testimonies, instructions, comfort, reprove, and judgment. We also receive faith and courage to win every battle before us. If we fail at this, we fail at all else.

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When we stand before God, we do so in expectation of a timely Word from Him because we realize that His Word is Life, Strength, and Food for our soul.Click To Tweet


Today’s Confession:

Father, thank You for the privilege of knowing and standing before You. I will stay here all my days, receiving reflecting all that You have to give.

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