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The Certainty Of God’s Promise

Day 253
Verse of the day

While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.

Genesis 8:22

We sometimes easily forget God’s credibility, especially when in trouble. Today’s text gives us an assurance of the unfailing promises of God even when it appears to be delayed. The temporal promise in the text was spoken at the beginning, at creation, yet it is being fulfilled today. If a promise given long ago is being fulfilled to all mankind, how much more His promises to His beloved children. If temporal promises are fulfilled, how much more His eternal promises to us.

In light of the confidence we have in the surety of His promises, we see a farmer who keeps seed for its season even when this season delays in its coming. We rise early at dawn so we can finish our work by dusk. These are acts of Faith on God’s promises regarding time. We must therefore also act in faith regarding other promises of God. His words are not idle. They are true, powerful and life.

Our life is not limited to this world. The eternal life we have begins now and continues even when this earth fades. Therefore, our focus shouldn’t be on promises which only matter in the temporal but on those of eternal worth. God’s promises do not need our validation. So, whether or not we believe or align with them (for our good), they will come to pass just as seedtime won’t cease because of a farmer who fails to keep seeds to be planted.

The same way, if one thinks all that pertains to life is limited to this world and does not live eternally, he misses out on the promise of God, but God’s word remains. The promises of God is regardless of man or circumstance.

References:  Isaiah 55:11

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Today’s Confession

Thank you, Father, for your word. I lay hold on every jot of your word and I am assured of their fulfillment.

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