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There Is No Spot In You

Day 302
Verse of the day

You are all fair my love, and there is no spot in you.

Songs of Solomon 4:7

Entranced by your exceeding beauty which He has made you, Jesus calls you His love. “There is no spot in you,” He declares, because He has redeemed you. What others think of you, and how you look at yourself doesn’t change the fact that you are beautiful in His eyes.

This beauty does not find its origin in you, for nothing of this flesh justifies. Hence your feelings of imperfection, your burdens, weights and defects, your flaws do not prevent you from being beautiful in His eyes and in the eyes of your Father who when He sees you sees Himself in you! Your beauty which is eternal does not depend on your mood or feelings, it does not fade in the face of circumstances.

You are a new creation, a new being, made after the nature of Christ.

Did you just read that?

You are just as He is in this world, filled with His Spirit, guided by His word. This is the ‘you’ that Daddy sees and this is the ‘you’ He wants you to see.

Therefore, begin to see yourself as He sees you. Start be believing, then confessing that you are beautiful and spotless before Him. Confess it. Believe it. Become it.

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Today’s Confession

Lord, I am what you say I am. I am a new creation, beautiful in and out. Without spot or blemish.

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