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I Learnt to Trust God Even When it Seemed Irrational – Lawal

This is the conclusion to Lawal’s Salvation Story. We advise that you read the first to better understand this. Thanks.

In the few years I have spent knowing Jesus, He has blessed me a gift rare among the circle of believers I find myself in – or maybe they just don’t speak of them. I have vivid spiritual experiences in form of dreams, visions, I even hear His voice ever so clearly.

This first occurred while I lay almost dead on a bed – which led to me accepting Jesus as my Savior: because I saw Him for myself, even when I didn’t believe in Him. That’s not a privilege most people have had.

I’ve had more of such experiences during my walk with Jesus, which have often served to comfort and caution me in my walk with Him. The journey comes with its fair share of challenges, which I often brave with the strength He provides, often through these many encounters.

The Narrow Road

Once, a few years after I met Jesus, my Faith began to feel insufficient for the life I’d chosen to live. I could tell how much I needed a reawakening, so I asked for it. My request was simple: Please Jesus, show me where I am on this journey, help me know how well I am faring in this walk, so I can proceed accordingly. My request was as simple as that, and he responded.


I had a dream.

In it, I was walking alone in the middle of a long and narrow road. I had traveled far from the beginning of this road but was nowhere near my destination which I could see far on the horizon. This road led to the same mansion Jesus had taken me to when I first Him. I could well recognize this mansion from this distance and kept walking towards it.

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I must say though, that I wasn’t left with much choice than to keep moving forward, towards the mansion: for by the sides of this narrow road were wolves which appeared ready to pounce on me if for any reason I stepped off the road. They followed by the side as I walked towards my destination.

Also behind me was a lion following a short distance away. The presence of the lion and wolves made it hazardous to turn away from from the path I was treading.

I woke from this encounter with a clear perspective on my journey. God had responded to my request to know where I was on my journey towards Him: I was making progress and couldn’t afford to cease doing so.

Seeing that mansion reminded me of the initial commitment I had made to Jesus: to ensure that when my life on earth ends, that building isn’t left empty still.

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I Heard His Voice

I mentioned earlier how I speak with God as one speaks to his friend, and how He responds in kind. At a separate time from the encounter I just shared, I heard Him as clearly as I would hear anyone else speak. He was displeased with how I was living at the time. His words: Kehinde, I am not pleased with the way you are living. You are not living like I want you to, you are not following the path I set for you.

My response was as direct: God, please show me the path on which I am to walk, and show me how.

Just as God’s word says, “Ask and it will be given to you,” He responded.

I had another dream:

Again, I was alone; then I heard His familiar voice in the dream: This is the way I want you to walk in. It is the only way, there is none other.

As I turned to consider the way He spoke of, I found a most despairing sight. Had this revelation ended at this point, I’d have awakened to see God as being less of a loving God.

I beheld a narrow path in which were set broken bottle pieces, just like they are set on the tops of concrete fences to discourage robbers. These were spread over a distance and I was meant to walk barefoot on them.

I also saw in the distance, barbed wires through which I’d also have to pass.

These were the sights He revealed when He said, This is the path I have designed for you, walk in it. 

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I learned to trust God

I had learned to trust God, to just listen and follow, even when it seemed irrational. So I took His word for it and set out on the path He showed me. This was when I came to a most bizarre yet delightful discovery. None of the broken bottle pieces cut through my bare feet, as I walked this path.

This lent me a lasting lesson in my journey through life: the path with and to God would often appear difficult; this is never a reason to turn away. I must rather trust God above all else.

Now, when I face challenges as a result of my faith, I face them head-on with the strength He gives. This is my journey, the life I have chosen: if I stay steadfast in following Him, I can only win.

When you pass through the waters,
I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze.

Lawal shared a lot more with us: visions of the rapture, redemptive conversations with God, a lot we cannot for now share. We’ve shared this with the hope it helps you see Jesus, not just as One who Reconciles us all to God, and teaches us how to live. 

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