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Walking In The Light

Day 247
Verse of the day

But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.

1 John 1:7

Light exposes the nature of a thing. God, our Father, is Light; His Word is light, and He dwells in Light. Where light is, darkness fades.

In being called to walk in the light, we are, in essence, called to walk in the Father and in His Word. Walking in Him reveals our true nature in Christ. There is no deception in the Light. So, when the devil tries to deceive us about our nature, sonship or fault because of a past sin, being in the light ensures we see the reality of who we are. We will, in response to the devil’s lies, strongly resist him, because all that we see in the light is how much we resemble God. We see the potency and efficacy of the blood of Jesus over our lives.

There is a resultant effect when we walk in the light like our Father; “we have fellowship one with another.” As we all partake of the nature, emotions, understanding, and perceptions of the Father, we realize that we are one; we will appear to have the same mind because we will walk in a path brightened by the Father and His Word. This will eventually lead to fellowship and intimacy not just with God but also with one another. We will always find an attraction to fellow believers which will enhance fellowship for we all will be so alike.

Also, being in the light helps us realize that Christ always makes and keeps us impeccable and without fault. In the Light, we see that the blood of Jesus is enough for atonement. It’s regardless of works, emotions, feelings or maturity in the Faith. It just makes complete in Christ.

When in the Light, we need not fear condemnation. Fear thrives only in darkness but EVERYTHING is revealed in the Light. It becomes clear to us that “there is no longer condemnation whatsoever, to us in Christ Jesus.” It becomes an assurance, much more than a saying.

References: Romans 8:1

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Today’s Confession
I walk in the light. I do all things in the light. Darkness has no hold on me.

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