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What Is The Essence Of Life?

Day 281
Verse of the day

For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.

I Timothy 6:7

A newborn comes into the world with an empty closed fist; a dead man lays an open hand, having no ability to hold even a fist. The life between birth and death is an opportunity given to us to show forth the glory of God. He has given us all that pertains to life and godliness, that is, all it takes to fulfil this purpose.

Apart from our natural abilities and potentials which He has given, through the death and resurrection of Christ, we have dominion, authority, victory and above all, through His name, we can claim and receive all that God has provided for us.

The essence of life is to glorify God. Hence, God desires and demands that we make use of the opportunities, potentials, time, provisions and blessings He has given not for selfish ambition, but for His glory. We came with nothing into the world and we are going back with nothing. This should cause us to reflect on the way we live our lives. Are we living to glorify God? Are we exhausting all for things that matter in eternity? Or living for things that hold no weight beyond this earth?

Contentment is an attribute of a life spent for the glory of God. Such a life is not spent only on accumulating wealth, power or fame for selfish purposes. A certain rich man in the Bible lived, lived for himself alone. After death, he could not even afford a drop of water.

References: Luke 16:19-25

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Today’s Confession

Lord, my life will show forth your glory henceforth and I will not live for selfish ambition.

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