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whom do you receive? Matthew 10:40 - AWE 365

Whom Do You Receive?

Day 355
Verse of the day

He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me.

Matthew 10:40

Often, we live without consciousness of who we really are. It is not so much a problem of (head) knowledge as it is a lack of understanding of our reality in Christ.

Apostle Paul spoke of us no longer knowing people according to the worldly point of view. The believer you see now goes far beyond those eyes and physical presence or circumstance. There is a reality God has placed in us that is more than what the world can understand.

This new reality comes from the truth that we are representatives of Christ here. It is based on our Sonship and identity in Him.

A child that was adopted by a king now has the status of royalty irrespective of where that child originally came from. Messengers are not honored based on who they are in themselves but on the status of the one who sent them.

Jesus, speaking here, made this truth clear to us. As His disciples, we carry the seal of our Lord and people’s response to us is, automatically, a response to Him.

This will help our interactions. Not as timid and unsure but as people certain of the One to whom we belong knowing that all we do is not in our strength but in the power and authority of Christ.

Also, this truth teaches us to honor those who are in Christ. We would cease to see them as the rest of the world but as bearers of the image of Christ. It is wisdom indeed to honor those whom God has called as His representatives, how much they deserve it should be measured by Him and not us.

When we begin to see people as God sees them, our every interaction with them will change. Our own vision of ourselves in Christ will give us a greater confidence in He who has called us.

Reference: 2 Corinthians 5:16

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Today’s Prayer 

Lord, please give me Your eyes. Help me see myself and see people the way you see us.

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