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The Word Is For All Moments

Day 218

Verse of the day

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,

2 Timothy 3:16

The word of God is so expansive that it covers absolutely ALL situations – surely that sort of knowledge can only be Divine.

Man is in ever constant need of guidance – physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally etc. We are always in need of help to stir our life’s course which is why we were given the Holy Spirit. It is very interesting to know that the Holy Spirit aids with our understanding of the word of God – which means that without the expression of the Holy Spirit we could be underutilizing the gems in the Bible.

The Scripture is there to teach, lead, correct, comfort, encourage, guide among a billion other things that we might need in our daily endeavors. We must cultivate the habit of learning and studying the word as it is God’s message to us. We are closer to God when we meditate on His word – we create an atmosphere for our hearts to receive from Him.

The word of God is too loaded to be read without understanding, and if we are being honest, this is what the devil wants – that we don’t unearth the gems in God’s word which is why he consistently loads us with worries and distractions that makes it impossible for us to cherish the word of God and enjoy its benefit. Think about it, why is something else always popping up when you want to have some alone time with God? Surely can’t be a coincidence all the time.

The Word of God edifies and strengthens us towards perfection. We must strive to have a sound relationship with Him through the leading of His Word.

Reference: 2 Peter 1: 20-21

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We must cultivate the habit of learning and studying God's word as it is His message to us. We are closer to Him when we meditate on His Word.Click To Tweet


Today’s Prayer

Father, let your word take root in my heart that it might be with me in all situations.

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