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Your Body Is God’s Home

Day 284
Verse of the day

Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body, that you should obey it in its lusts.

Romans 6:12

Kings are known to reign. To reign is to control a certain sphere; it’s like having the power to cause others to follow or serve you. This also applies to the body of the believer. Who reigns in your body? God or Sin?

We are not machines in God’s hands, He won’t force Himself as a king over your life. It’s like choosing a leader, you pick. Also, eventually, you determine who reigns in your life.

Just like sin reigns in one’s life because one has accepted and built a relationship with it over time, so righteousness reigns when we accept and fellowship with Jesus, living, soaking, finding our comfort in His rivers when we meditate on God’s word.

It is a great thing if your Master is Jesus Christ because then, you are moulded into His image. He governs you according to the dictates of His Father, same things He lived by. You are made to be just like Him.

By coming for us as an expression of the Father’s love, He made us recipients of God’s grace. This grace sets us free from sin and sets us free to live for Him. When we keep our eyes on Him, we are constantly transformed into His image and find that sin has no dominion over our bodies – which is not its rightful place anyway since we have been bought with a price and have had our bodies made the temple of the Holy Ghost.

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Today’s Confession

My body is Your home, Lord. I invite You in today. Come, stay, reign in me.

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